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The Mount Kisco, New York Organic Mattress Gallery at Sleep etc. has been building beds by hand since 1947 and we feature Westchester County's largest selection of natural mattresses in our showrooms. Our Terra Bed line of luxurious beds is breathable, cool to sleep on and naturally resistant of dust mites. They are built to last as long as 25 years to protect your investment and they are chemical free to ensure that you are sleeping on the healthiest mattress possible.

We spend about 8 hours each night on our mattress, a third of our life. We absorb everything that we are exposed to so it is important that we surround ourselves and our children with the healthiest environment possible. It goes without saying that our mattress is the most important piece of furniture in our home.

A comfortable and supportive mattress will lead to a more restorative sleep so that you wake up feeling more rested. A natural or organic mattress will ensure that you will not be breathing in harmful substances. Even if the horrifying claims about the chemicals found in traditional mattresses are exaggerated, the choice of mattress was clear for my own family and my goal is to make affordable, comfortable and healthy mattresses available to everyone. Our beds are all locally, American made. Order your new mattress today and we will make every effort to delivery to Mount Kisco immediately!!!!

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